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Hi, I'm Catherine and in early 2024 I had discovered the CEC. They were practicing at the barn I board at and after talking to Jack-Lynn about drill I decided to give it a try; It was super fun! Dilly and I have been hooked ever since. Dilly and I are looking forward to further developing our bond and skills with the CEC and are happy to have found a new event we can enjoy together.

About Me

Originally from Northern Ontario I came to Southern Ontario for both school and work. I attended the University of Guelph and afterwards the Ontario Veterinary Collage where I graduated in 2020. Since then I have moved to Exeter where I currently practice. When I am not at work saving furry lives you'll likely find me hanging out with Dilly at the barn.


Dilly is a 17 year old grade paint pony cross. I have had Dilly since he was only weeks old . He was actually the result of an accidental breeding by the seller when we bought his dam. Dilly has been with me over half my life time now and is truly special to me. He is my first horse and would be considered my heart horse. He was actually my inspiration to go to vet school. He can be a bit of a class clown with lots of personality. Dilly is considered a jack of all trades from chasing cows to chasing fences. We look forward to adding drill pony to his resume

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