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Who We Are

Cutting-Edge Cowgirls

At the heart of the Cutting-Edge Cowgirls lies a mission that's more than just words on paper - it's about bringing together a group of individuals bound by a shared passion for horsemanship and a sprinkle of magic we call sisterhood. We're not just about riding horses; we're about creating an environment where every member shines, where bonds are forged like steel, and where we break the mold of what's possible together. Picture precision meets passion, discipline dances with grace - that's our anthem. We strive for excellence not because it's trendy but because it's in our DNA. We're here to inspire, to grow, and to show the world that when we unite, there's nothing we can't achieve with a good dose of flair and a lot of heart.


Our Achievements

March 2023

The Inaugural Year: A Journey of Growth and Achievement

Encapsulates the exciting beginnings of The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls Mounted Drill Team. Born out of a shared love for horses and a burning passion for drill. The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls are set to make their mark in the world of equestrian drill. A mix of excitement, dedication, and a touch of cowgirl spirit sets the stage for a year full of growth, learning, and unforgettable achievements.

May 2023

From Dream to Reality

With just a few practices, the team of 10 riders is already exceeding expectations. They are getting ready to take their dream and turn it into a reality by performing for audiences across Ontario. Even though the hard work is just starting, the journey ahead looks promising and full of excitement.

June 2023

April 2023

Embarking on the Journey of Commitment

As The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls embarked on their journey the spring of 2023, just a couple of short months away from event season, they took their first practice, not knowing what kind of interest this idea would attract. With a mix of nerves and excitement , they ventured into this new chapter, ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lay ahead on their path.

May 2023

Unveiling the Curtain: A Spectacular Start to the Performance Season

In just three short months, The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls found themselves at the heart of it all as the opening, intermission, and closing act for the Rawhide Rodeo Company. Despite the added pressure, the Cowgirls were ready to dazzle the audience with their unique blend of talent and showmanship. This season is off to a spectacular start that promised thrills and excitement for all who attend the performances.

Dust, Grit, and Glory: Our Debut Rodeo Ride

In less than six months from their start date, the team found themselves at their first major event, the Alvinston Rodeo! It was a whirlwind experience filled with dust, grit, and glory that left a lasting impression. The excitement of their debut rodeo was palpable as they took on the challenges with enthusiasm and determination. The memories made that day are ones these girls will never forget, bringing a mix of adrenaline, camaraderie, and pride to the forefront of their minds.

Jan 2024

Embracing Change: Welcoming the Arrival of a New Year

Dec 2023

Milestones and Memories: Reflecting on Our First Year Together

Reflecting on the past year brings a wave of nostalgia and pride. As they mark 12 months together and reflect on the whirlwind of 11 memorable events, it's clear that achieving their goals has been an incredible journey. From a group of 10 strangers to a close-knit team of dedicated horsemen, they have amazed crowds across Southwestern Ontario. The growth and unity they experienced exceed all initial expectations, showing that with passion and teamwork, anything is possible for The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls.

As the team gears up for the arrival of a new year with a relaxed and optimistic mindset, The Cutting-Edge Cowgirls are thrilled to announce the partnership with the esteemed Rawhide Rodeo Company for the 2024 season is still on going. Setting the stage for an array of exciting performances, events, and fairs, they are proud to welcome many new members to the team, igniting a spirit of unity and ambition. With eyes set on even bigger goals for the upcoming season, they are embracing change with open arms, ready to ride into the new year with passion and determination.

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